“Not all angels have wings, some have stethoscope too”.

The medical staff that are risking their lives in taking care of patients and helping the world getting rid of Coronavirus are no lees than angels for us. One such angel, who is an accomplished human being too, is dedicating her days in fighting the pandemic and helping the patients in U.S.

American Indian Elizabeth-Dennis Poulose is at the front line almost everyday with other medical professionals.

But this is just a one part of her life. Mother of two lovely kids aged 6 and 4, Elizabeth was crowned Mrs. India New York 1st runner up in 2019-20. A beautiful face and more beautiful smile is just an addition to her resolve as a fighter, determined to help others and defeat the pandemic while she works as a Registered Nurse in a New York hospital.

“I am at work almost everyday along with other healthcare professionals in a hospital. And if I am home, then my alarm is set for 8 pm. Hospital networks and physicians in the U.S. are asking Americans to pause at 8:00 p.m. local time every night, for a moment of appreciation or even to go to a balcony or window and clap, as a show of thanks and gratitude to those who risk their lives for the benefit of others. This really means a lot to people like me! “, she adds saying her resolve to help others and fight Covid-19 gets stronger with every praise she receives.

Elizabeth-Dennis Poulose was born and raised in India where she did her schooling and college. She started her career in New Delhi and after getting married moved to the United States in 2012 and started working as Registered Nurse.

Her inspiration for choosing medical profession came from her dad, a priest, who used to help in setting up medical camps for people in the rural areas of India, with the help of church and a medical team from U.S. But that was not all and not her only destiny. Elizabeth ventured into modeling in her free hours. The moment of glory came when she was crowned Mrs India New York, 1st Runner up last year.

“My husband always encouraged me to go for it. When a friend told us about it, my husband felt that I should give it a try this time. So I did it and won the title”, Elizabeth explains while talking about her glamorous but hardworking journey.

In her free time, Elizabeth likes to sing, dance and paint. She also like to play basketball and has a love for athletics too.

“While others are asked to stay home for safety, we leave our young children and old parents at home to serve people who need us. I leave home with a heavy heart and nonstop prayers, as I don’t want to bring this virus home to my loved ones. So, please stop complaining when you get to stay at home with your kids and your loved ones”, Elizabeth says about the recent conditions when Coronavirus has hit U.S and other parts of the world very hard.

“With God nothing is impossible. If you have faith in him, follow him and do good. God will bless you abundantly”, she says while explaining this is the motto that has helped her going on all along and toil through bad and difficult times.



  1. Elizabeth is such a breath of fresh air, a wonderful nurse who always has a smile on her face. She cares about her community and is constantly helping others!

  2. Thank God for this young woman. I just saw this and thought how wonderful. i realize i sit next to this woman and her beautiful children. I am proud to know this woman. I am glad to be a small part of her life. Beauty and brains and kindness. She is a selfless woman not only for her children but her community.

  3. What an incredible woman! So many talents, not to mention putting herself in harm’s way to risk healing others – truly selfless. She seems so hard working and is genuinely a lovely person to be around, God bless.

  4. Proud of her!! Doing such an amazing help for humanity.
    Its true that all angels dnt have wings because some exactly looks like her with stethoscope❤️

  5. Beauty and brains, what a combination! Elizabeth, you are truly amazing in all that you do for your patients, your staff, your facility, your family, and your community. Words cannot properly convey how honored I am to call you my colleague.

  6. WOW!!!!! You made it. We all friends in India are so happy that you are recognised for you hardwork. Stay safe. Keep working and always live you dreams.


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